• For Standards I to IV, the school follows continuous and comprehensive evaluation, forms the summative and formative evaluation, for the overall development of the children. At the end of every semester, a summative evaluation will be held.
  • If a student remains absent for a test or exam on account of ill health, a medical certificate will have to be produced, preferably on the same day. However, please do not send pupils who are ill, even if there is a test. No sick child will be allowed to give test.
  • The condition for passing and promotions etc. will be as per rules laid down by the department of education, govt. of Maharashtra.
  • The result of examination and unit test will be declared after every examination or test is held.
  • Under a new scheme of evaluation, a student’s performance is based on the home work, composition books, project work and his day to day performance. Hence student should be very regular in attending school and submitting the work and other note books in time. Absence at an examination or test and failure to submit the homework and composition in time will reflect in the evaluation.
  • Parents are earnestly requested to do their part urging regular attendance and punctuality of their children, to see that they do their homework and prepare their lessons as specified in the syllabus daily and read books taken from the school library. Without parental co-operation the work of the school will be hampered.
  • Parents are invited to meet the teachers and discuss the performance of their wards on the last working day of every month, after school hours.