Scout & Guides

The Scout and Guide movement is basically the Youth Movement. The programmes have, therefore, been designed with amendments for the all-round development of the personality of the youth up to the age of twenty-five. This was also the dream and foresight of Lord Baden Powell, the founding father of the movement. With this in view wide consultations were carried out and based on the collective wisdom, amendments to Boy /Girl.

Scout and Guide Section

By the time a Boy/Girl completes the full course of the Scout / Guide programme, he/she will be able to:

  • Develop their character to become healthy & efficient.
  • Accept and follow the rudiments of good citizenship.
  • Undertake practices and improve skills essential to become self- reliant and prepare them to use them for helping other.
  • Undertake collective activities and challenges, which contribute for them all-round development.
  • Be aware of their potential and use them in service to the community.
  • Improve their skills of observation to appreciate the wonders of nature and develop a sense of expressing reverence towards nature by nurturing.
  • Make things useful for others.
  • Realize that the public property as well and attempt to look after it.
  • Identify themself as an Integral part of their community and realize their duty to country.
  • Understand our National Heritage and Culture and determine to keep them up.
  • Undertake individual and collective practices to conserve nature resources and prepare to educate others in this respect.
  • Develop the qualities of a dynamic leader and participate doing their best effectively in all leadership opportunities made available to them.
  • Study about their country & people and contribute for the cause of National Integration.


Scout & Guide camp

Teacher’s in charge :

  • Mr. Krishnakumar Naidu
  • Mr. Mukesh Yadav
  • Mr. Rohit Sankhe
  • Ms. Reshma Sholay
  • Mrs. Thangapushpam
  • Mrs. Pallavi Khedekar

Scout & Guide camp organized at Khopoli, Montoria resort from 25 th Feb. 2019 to 27th Feb. 2019 for Std. VII,VIIII, IX. Students were trained to Basic course to Advanced Course. Activities conducted during this camp were different types of Bandages of First Aid, Knots and Pioneering (Construction of Tents, Ladders from bamboos.)

Morning Activities started with Prayer, Meditation and B.P. Exercises. Even lectures taken by various Teachers In charge on topics such as Patrol system, Leadership Training, Importance of First Aid, Types of Knots and it’s uses and different structures made out of bamboos and it’s uses.

Lectures were also conducted self-development, Importance of Discipline in life, how to be Independent and responsible citizen of the country. Scouting is outing and it’s purpose in our life.

Students also enjoyed different adventurous activities like Quick Jumping, Rope Cycling, Swimming, Rain Dance, Camp fire, D.J., Zip Line, Burma Bridge etc.

Overall it was a very successful camp full of Fun, Entertainment, Adventure and memorable for all the students and teachers.

Thanks to teachers who took good care of the students during the camp.